Do you remember?
Know what? Hamsters Kidneys & Potatoes Twister The original King Kong movie
"Crackleback" The black & white '57 Chevy The afghan Grandma made for you Riddley, Riddley, I-Dee-O Getting thrown into bed
Hats made with yarn & aluminum cans Red-Light
"K-D" Dancing the Baby Elephant Walk Offutt Air Shows
Decorating your bike for the 4th of July Climbing trees "Knight" Dr. San Guinary "King"
Sewer Pipes for dinner Green dinosaur soap from Sinclair Tether Ball Balloons with cardboard feet from Shakee's The blue station wagon
Slinky The ostrich at the drive-thru zoo The goat who took "Dougie's" bag Daytona Strip Bags of Leader newspapers
Leaning Tower of Pisa Colored food on holidays Making tents out of blankets Climbing the hallway wall Playing "Car!"
Kool-Aid lunch boxes Wheel-O Crazy Days Making Hobos for dinner The heated
sidwalk at
Bank of Bellevue

Do you remember these places?
Shakee's Pizza Parlor Hesteds Washington Park June's Thrift Shop The Gulley
1608 Madison Street The Dirt Room Haworth Park Marcio's Italian Restaurant Marcio's Italian Seatbench
Old library Roxy Theatre Downtown bowling alley Downtown donut shop Dog 'n Suds
GEM TG & Y Dowding Pool Johnson Rexall drugstore The Belle Bowl
Columban Fathers Mission Fontenelle Forest      

Do you remember these TV shows?
Gilligan's Island Beverly Hillbillies Brady Bunch Green Acres Hawaii Five-0
Get Smart The Munsters Andy Griffith I Dream of Jeannie Bewitched
Adams Family Twilight Zone Mary Tyler Moore Perry Mason Days of Our Lives
Flintstones Carole Burnett My Three Sons Creature Feature Peanuts
I Love Lucy Laverne & Shirley That Girl Hogan's Heroes Popeye
Happy Days WKRP in Cincinatti Welcome Back Kotter Johnny Carson Alfred Hitchcock
Starsky & Hutch All In The Family Charlie's Angels Gunsmoke Dukes of Hazard
Lassie Honeymooners Mighty Mouse Leave It To Beaver Taxi
Bonanza Three Stooges Sanford and Son Lost In Space Laurel & Hardy
American Bandstand The Mickey Mouse Club The Love Boat The Monkees Candid Camera
Mork & Mindy Eight Is Enough Gomer Pyle Mike Hammer The Incredible Hulk
Land of the Giants The Waltons Rocky & Bullwinkle The Jeffersons Little House On The Prairie
One Day At A Time The Man From U.N.C.L.E. Dragnet The Odd Couple Dennis The Menace
Batman The Lone Ranger Rockford Files Tales From The Crypt The Flying Nun
The Partridge Family Different Strokes Who's The Boss Golden Girls Scooby Doo

Do you remember these songs?
Baby Elephant Walk Taste of Honey King of the Road Java Blue Hawaii
My Little Town Havah Nagilah Crazy Days of Summer Grand Old Flag Wichita Lineman
Battle of New Orleans Bye Bye Blues Sixteen Tons Tennessee Birdwalk  

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